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Chocolate Protein Muffins

These rich, chocolate-y muffins are full of protein, healthy fat, and nutrients without the blood-sugar imbalances you get from regular muffins made with wheat flour. They are like brownies and you could even have one for breakfast (or two – who’s counting?) Who doesn’t love chocolate for breakfast? We hope you enjoy…(Read More)

Chocolate Chia Pudding


Chia is rich in plant-based protein, high in fiber, and calcium. Enjoy this delectable treat without guilt! See a video of me making this here. Chocolate Chia Pudding 1 cup milk – any type is fine¼ cup chia seeds (can add more or less depending on thickness desired – grind chia for smoother texture)3…(Read More)

Southern Sunday Slaw


It might still be winter but I’m already thinking of summer! This cole slaw recipe has no mayonnaise so it tastes lighter but it’s FULL of flavor. I love to use my food processor for shredding the vegetables in this recipe – I’m done making it in no time…(Read More)

What the heck is “cabbouleh” you might be asking? It’s my take on tabbouleh, the traditional Middle Eastern vegetable dish, but I’ve added an updated twist. Instead of the usual bulgur wheat, which is cracked wheat, I’ve substituted “riced” cauliflower. It is so light – yet filling and refreshing! If you have…(Read More)

Cleansing Reset Juice


While ringing in the New Year, some of us may choose to imbibe with a few flutes of the bubbly. The next morning, if you awaken with a twinge of a headache, make one of these STAT. The amazing ingredients bathe your insides with cleansing, alkalizing nutrients and will have your body singing…(Read More)

Cereal Bars

Cereal Bars My MRT/LEAP food sensitivity clients love these cereal bars because they only use 3 ingredients. Eating fewer foods helps in the beginning of overcoming food sensitivities because you’re trying to figure out which foods are causing chronic symptoms. But EVERYONE I tell about this recipe loves…(Read More)

We love this shepherd’s pie at my house! It tastes so yummy and this recipe makes a lot so we have leftovers for a few days. It’s perfectly healthy comfort food full of satiating protein, fat, and fiber. Dig in! In addition to peas and carrots, feel free to add extra veggies like…(Read More)

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


If you’ve never roasted your own pumpkin seeds, then you don’t know what you’re missing! These crunchy things can be made either sweet or savory, depending on your preference. We make both kinds around here so we can satisfy our sweet tooth AND our craving for something salty. Did you know…(Read More)

Cobb Salad


This cobb salad is on the hearty side so it’s great for when you’re really hungry. But let’s be honest, it simply tastes good and looks beautiful. I mean LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS! The ingredients are optional so if you see something you don’t like, just leave it out…(Read More)

Do you love mint and chocolate together? Then you’re going to love these. Seriously. And you know the best part? There’s no soy. No emulsifiers. No artificial ingredients. Nope! The ingredients in this recipe stand the test of time and they’re probably ones you have in your pantry right now. So, for…(Read More)