"Caitlin has this amazing peaceful quality about her and coupled with her excellent grasp in nutrition she was able to help me see what was needing to be nourished in my life so that I could let go of a past mindset to move forward in my goals."

Kathy V.

"I was fortunate to have Caitlin coach me! In our interaction, she helped me discover and identify two old beliefs, and in which ways they were showing up for me in current life. We playfully reframed these old beliefs, then found breakthrough action items that helped me follow through and reinforce the new set of beliefs. Nicely done Caitlin."

Greg T.

"After working with Caitlin during my last session, I felt a huge weight had been lifted as I was finally ready to move forward on something that I had been avoiding but wanting to do. Caitlin was able to use metaphors that got me out of my comfort zone so that I could move forward with what was a great challenge. I could see this clearly in the metaphor and it helped me to translate it into what I needed to implement for change. I plan to keep working with Caitlin as I see benefits in continuing to work on my goals by uncovering deeper beliefs that are getting in my way. I would absolutely recommend Caitlin as a health and wellness coach for others. They would be privileged to be able to work with her. Caitlin’s empathy, understanding, and ability to take me beyond my comfort zone was what I liked most about working with her. I think Caitlin is a natural as a health and wellness coach, both because of her background as a dietitian and her extreme sensitivity to her client’s needs. Coupled with her deep coaching skills, I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to change.”

Dhyan S.