Do you have a burning nutrition or health question but you’re not looking to jump in to a long-term program right now?

Have you been working on your own to improve your health but need some clarification, motivation, or support along the way?

“Ask Caitlin” sessions are just for you!

These à la carte, informational sessions are 60 minutes long, they take place on the phone, and they are designed for educational and coaching purposes. I can give general recommendations and will do my best to answer your questions.

“Ask Caitlin” sessions do NOT include:

  • Specific nutrition treatment plans (general recommendations are given, however)
  • Review of medical records unless done during the session
  • Lab testing
  • Charting
  • Communication with other providers
  • A receipt for insurance purposes
  • Email follow-up

There is no obligation to sign up for any program. If you have more questions, simply schedule another session at your convenience.

During your session, you should take notes so that you can refer back to what we discussed. At the end of your “Ask Caitlin” session, you will have a list of information and items to work on your own.

As long as you are open to changing something you do daily, you WILL see results.

Achieving health goals takes time but it is possible with the right information, motivation, and plan!

Ready to get started?

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  5. Confirm the details you have entered and click “Confirm and Book.”
  6. You will receive an email confirmation with details for your session.
  7. I will contact you on the day and time you requested. 

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