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Chocolate Protein Muffins

These rich, chocolate-y muffins are full of fiber, protein, healthy fat, and nutrients without the sugar overload found in most other muffins. They are like brownies and you could even have one for breakfast (or two – who’s counting?) Who doesn’t love chocolate for breakfast? We hope you enjoy! -Caitlin Chocolate Protein Muffins…(Read More)

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What if you’re doing all the right things when it comes to weight loss, but you’re still struggling? Did you doctor tell you weight gain is just part of getting older? Makes you feel a little hopeless, right? Well, I want to turn that frown upside down and let you know there is…(Read More)

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I remember thinking when I was young, struggling with my weight “Why can’t I just be like everyone else?” All my friends were thin, yet they drank soda and ate junk food, they wore cute clothes and tiny, trendy bathing suits. Not me. I ate health food (though I’m thankful for that now…(Read More)

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Autoimmune disease is a big problem around the country. Approximately 40 million Americans suffer from at least one autoimmune condition. At the same time, overweight and obesity now hover around 45% for the U.S. population. When you have an autoimmune disease, this can sometimes make weight loss more difficult. Autoimmune conditions include: rheumatoid arthritis…(Read More)

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Before my weight loss clients start working with me, they say: “I want to feel confident in whatever clothes I choose to wear.””I want to feel lighter in my body.” “I want to feel less strain on my joints when I walk.””I want more energy. I’m tired of the dieting rollercoaster.” They…(Read More)

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Let’s talk about what you need to know in order to help lower your insulin levels so that weight loss can happen more naturally and sustainably. Remember from my other posts here and here, I mentioned when insulin is high, fat loss will not happen. Insulin is a fat storing hormone. We know that…(Read More)

In my last post, I shared with you how important it is to understand insulin and its role in weight loss. Being overweight or obese is a hormonal issue, not a will-power issue. Once you understand this, you will find it much easier to lose weight and keep it off for good. Once I…(Read More)

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If you come to me as a client and tell me you want to lose weight, there are many variables we need to talk about. However, you must understand one overarching principal when it comes to weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you have to get a handle on your insulin level…(Read More)