Thank you for your interest in food sensitivity testing using the MRT (mediator release test) and LEAP protocol.

You should be receiving an email very soon with some extra details about the testing.

What to do next:
1. Click below to pay for your package of sessions. The cost of your four consultations with Caitlin for the MRT/LEAP package is $395.

This includes:
– Initial session after getting blood drawn for test – session lasts approximately 2 hours long
– 1st follow up session approximately 10 days after starting LEAP protocol – lasts 1 hour
– 2nd follow up session approximately 30 days after starting LEAP protocol – lasts 1 hour
– 3rd follow up session – lasts 1 hour

You will pay separately for the MRT test and this will go directly to Oxford Biomedical. This payment will go on the requisition form I will send you to be included with your bloodwork when your kit is overnighted back to Oxford. Cost of testing is $295.

Click here to pay for your consultations with Caitlin ——-> using Stripe – $395

You will schedule your initial session with Caitlin after your bloodwork is sent back to Oxford. I will send you a link to do this.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you!