You Don't Need Someone's Permission to Eat What You Want

breakfast if oatmeal, blueberries, turkey bacon, coffee

You Don’t Need Someone’s Permission to Eat What You Want


What I eat for breakfast. Every. Day.

Oatmeal with blueberries and protein powder makes me happy. 🥰

Turkey bacon makes me happy.

Coffee with sugar, milk and collagen peptides makes me (and my hair/nails) happy.💅🏻

Grounds me for the day.

I don’t know when I’ll get tired of it. 🙃

I remember when I thought delaying breakfast till later was “healthy” à la intermittent fasting. 🚫

I fell for the hype. That made me hangry and not fun to be around.

It made my thyroid tank. It made me have disordered eating habits.⛔️

It didn’t work for me after all. It seemed weird to delay eating and not listen to my hunger cues. It went against what I had done my whole life — to eat when l was hungry.🤔

And there’s the whole other part of intermittent fasting where the “gurus” tell you carbs and fruit are bad and you shouldn’t eat them.🤯

And then their followers (with no nutrition background) glom on to what these gurus (with no nutrition background) say and try their hardest to fit into the “perfect eating regiment”.

That regiment is rife with creating disordered eating patterns.😵‍💫

Rife with making you feel like a failure if you don’t follow the plan exactly and if you actually eat something with sugar in it.⚠️


These weight loss gurus have taken it upon themselves to label foods “good” and “bad”. “Healthy” and “unhealthy”.🤬

And then when you eat the “bad” or “unhealthy” foods — you feel “bad” or “unhealthy”.

Enough of that!🙈🙉🙊

Food is neutral. We get energy from FOOD.

We need protein, carbs and fats.

We need “fun foods”.

It all fits. 😍

If food gives you pleasure, eat it.

If food makes you feel physically ill, ask yourself if you want to feel that way — then decide if you want to eat the food or not. It’s your choice. You’re a grown up. ✅️

You know your body and what it needs. We’ve got enough to handle when it comes to living life. 🤕

Food shouldn’t be so complicated.

And it doesn’t have to be.

You can eat breakfast at 8am and still achieve your goals.🍳🍉🥓🧇

You can have coffee with milk and sugar and still reach your goals. ☕️

You can have fruit and oatmeal and still reach your goals.❗️

Yes — you can have carbs if you have blood sugar problems. The carbs aren’t the problem…(they’re pointing out an imbalance that can be corrected if you have blood sugar issues)

Blood sugar challenges are a deeper issue and it usually relates to your thyroid. 🤯

And your body needs protein and fats with those carbs — I call it eating according to the Metabolic Plate Method.

I have taught this way of eating for years. (I have a new free guide if you want more information on that method – drop a comment “info” below.)

In other words, you can eat as humans have eaten for a long time and you don’t need to “hack” your metabolism in order to reach your goals. 😉

You don’t need mine or anyone else’s permission to do what feels right and good for you.

Do what works for you. ✅️

And if something’s not working — pivot and make a change.

Reach out for help if you need guidance. I’m here to help.

What about you? What have you realized you need to do differently to reach your goals?

What’s working for you right now? I’d love to hear from you. ❤️

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