Ready to Show Up For Yourself?

It is time to end the diet roller coaster for good and live the delicious life you deserve.


Are you sick of feeling out of control when it comes to food and your weight? Have you had one too many days that ended with you stressed out and unable to control your eating binges? Are you worried you’ll never be happy with your body?

Well, I have great news for you and it does not involve another fad diet. My name is Caitlin Russell and I’m a non-diet dietitian, nutritionist, and wellness coach. I show my clients how to embrace their life, their relationship with food, and their body.


How is what I offer different from other programs?

I offer personalized strategies tailored for each individual client using behavior therapy, the latest science, and positive psychology.


During the 90 Day Deep Dive, I’m going to show you how to:

  • Focus on a new mindset where you change from mindless eating to mindful nourishment
  • Create a self-care buffer zone
  • Prevent diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol
  • Feel vibrant and energized (without caffeine and cardio burnout)

I’m going to teach you how to focus your mind and manage your emotions. You’ll be able to make permanent lifestyle changes based on sound behavior therapy and the latest research in health science.


This program is right for you if you’re seriously…

  • Fed up with feeling guilty about what you eat instead of enjoying food
  • Tired of the cycle of deprivation/overeat/deprivation/overeat
  • Ready to reconnect with your natural, inner hunger and fullness cues
  • Fed up with your “front row seat” on the weight loss rollercoaster ride


My commitment to my clients is…

No More Dieting


I’m going to show you how to make healthy living easy, sustainable, and fun! You will discover how to no longer use eating as an answer to all your life’s problems. You will learn new behaviors that stick with you so that you have the power to finally reach your health goals.

The 3 Biggest Problems Most People Have When Stuck in the Dieting Mindset


  1. Too much stress and not enough energy to fuel your life

    You will learn strategies to beat stress, gain energy, and embrace your life. I will help you manage your emotions through more positive coping skills. You will become more focused as you cultivate a new mindset around food and your health.

  2. Unable to make lifestyle changes that result in lasting success

    In my program, I use proven techniques to change old habits into new positive ones that impact your life and health in ways you never thought possible. Be ready to take action for real results that work for real people just like you and me.

  3. Unsure about what exactly to eat and how much

    We will develop a personalized nutrition program designed specifically for you that clears the confusion about taking your health to the next level. We take your life, your career, and your relationships into account to make lasting changes when it comes to stepping in to the next version of you.


The 90 Day Deep Dive is a 3 month program specifically designed to help you get the 3 things you’re wanting most in your life:
  • Freedom from dieting
  • A deep, healthy, inspiring connection with your body
  • Eating for pleasure and energy

At each session, you will leave with a clear vision of what you need to do next in your life to start making lasting changes and ditch the diet mindset.

Inside the 90 Day Deep Dive, you will discover:
  • Key strategies you can implement to clear the clutter in your life so that you can stop wasting energy
  • How to find energy through activity that you love
  • Personalized goals that best meet your needs and fit into your current life
  • How to do a Mind-Body-Heart scan to reconnect with your inner wisdom
  • What your non-hunger triggers are for eating
  • What truly wants to be nourished
  • How to transform anger in to love

Have you ever been totally committed to doing something for your health, but then lose your motivation instead?

Listen, we are all human.

We have willpower but that will only take you so far. In fact, my clients tend to have more willpower than most other people I know! So what gives? You have to get to the core of your beliefs about food, your body, and your coping mechanisms. You have to unleash your “inner mojo” to breakthrough and reach your health goals.


That’s where the 90 Day Deep Dive comes in.

You’ll get maximum results by being fully engaged in the process of achieving your goals. Anyone can tell you to “ditch the diet” but this does not actually help you remember why you wanted to do that in the first place!

I get to the heart of what you want and help you clear the clutter from your life so you can move forward and make some big changes so you’ll achieve your goals.

We will find what’s in your control, right now, to clear away any past obstacles to ditching the diet and achieving your biggest, boldest health goals.

Inside the 90 Day Deep Dive, You’ll Receive:
  • 12 private phone calls that walk you through the best ways to implement personalized behavior change.
  • Personalized action guides so you stay on track each week. No more “what do I do now?” I will give you clear, doable action steps as take home pieces so that you are in charge and empowered to be your own health expert. These will help you create results during the week between sessions.
  • You’ll discover where in your life you need to be nourished (without using food) and how to integrate more of these important areas so you are ultimately more satisfied, which helps you reach your health goals.

Extra Bonuses!

  • You’ll have private email access to Caitlin to report in, stay accountable, and connected between sessions. Have a question? Fire away.
  • Special goodies picked just for you to help you on your journey. We all love getting surprises, right? Well, I love sharing goodies I think you will love.
  • Discounts on future coaching programs. Many clients decide to stay on working with me even after the 90 days are up, so you’ll be able to sign up for other programs at a discount that is not available to anyone else.


Here’s a sneak peek in to SOME of what we will cover during the 90 days:

week 1

  • Determining your motivating factors
  • Eating Cycle Assessment to determine what type of eater you are
  • Goal setting
  • Action steps

week 2

  • Clearing mental and emotional clutter
  • Finding energy through activity
  • Action steps

week 3

  • How to honor hunger and fullness
  • Perform a Mind-Body-Heart Scan
  • Identify thoughts and emotions that occur when eating
  • Action steps

week 4

  • Chewing exercise
  • Mindful eating mental rehearsal
  • Identify non-hunger triggers for eating
  • Action steps

week 5

  • Creating an adventure menu
  • How to reduce triggers
  • Action steps

week 6

  • How to kill it at relaxing
  • The 5-5-7 breath
  • Develop a full plan for coping with triggers
  • Action steps

week 7

  • All about self-sabotage and what to do
  • Learning the “mirror” exercise
  • Action steps

week 8

  • Discovering what wants to be nourished
  • How to transform anger in to love
  • Action steps

week 9

  • Stepping in to personal power
  • Learning where you store your personal power
  • Build a self-care buffer zone
  • Action steps

week 10

  • Who you need to acknowledge in your life
  • Taking it all to the next level
  • Action steps

week 11

  • Life inventory
  • Action steps

week 12

  • Discovering how to move forward
  • What do to next
  • Action steps
Who This Program Is For

This program is PERFECT for you if:

  • You want to reduce cravings, gain more energy, and learn to eat more mindfully
  • You want to be empowered to make the right food choices in ways that fit into your lifestyle, including your family
  • You want to make sense of all the information on diet while learning manageable, easy-to-do steps that you can embrace
What Makes This Program Unique
  • I offer individualized support for your specific problems
  • You will learn ways to feel great and gain energy
  • I teach you what really works to create lasting change and how to handle daily stressors in positive ways rather than in ways that keep you from your health goals.

Love that!

Are you ready to create long term lasting changes?

I’d like to invite you to be a part of a movement. A movement that changes the way we think about food. You want to be part of something bigger and know the answer is out there for you. You just don’t know how to get there on your own.

Imagine eating healthier, craving foods designed specifically for your body, thinking more positive thoughts, being open to change, and treating yourself with more respect. Picture your kids, your family, and friends all embracing healthier choices.

Do you want to learn how to deal with emotional eating, create lasting change, de-stress, be inspired to live more fully and be empowered to make healthy choices?

I’m going to show you how.


Let’s Recap What’s Included in the “90 Day Deep Dive”

  • Personalized coaching and support to help you make the diet and lifestyle changes you want
  • Remove barriers so that you gain energy and confidence surrounding food and your health
  • Honor hunger and fullness so you are nourished and satisfied
  • Uncover your unique weight loss challenges and learn strategies to overcome them
  • Discover emotional eating triggers and learn new coping behaviors
  • Clear, doable action steps at each session including personalized tips and tricks to help you stay on track
  • Between visits, email access for questions relating to your progress
  • Help so you can step into your spotlight to truly reach and sustain your health goals

Imagine this:

3 months have passed since you’ve started the 90 Day Deep Dive . . .

You know what to do to boost your metabolic power with strategies that nourish both the body and the soul

You’re using proven techniques to change mindless eating so you’re more conscious of what you’re doing when it comes to food

You know exactly how to focus your mind and manage your emotions to help you feel inspired and rejuvenated

It won’t always be a cakewalk, but I know from personal experience that when you do things right for your health, success in the rest of your life follows. And when it does come, it is like a tidal wave which will make you wonder where it was hiding all this time.


This program focuses your mind and cultivates a growth mindset.

So if you’re ready for:
  • more energy
  • learning how to end your weight struggles
  • more freedom to do what you love
  • making a real impact on your life and in your health…
Then, it’s time to enroll in the program.


When you enroll, you will receive:

  • In-person calls that walk you step-by step through how to live a more vibrant life
  • Personalized action guides so you stay on track and stay true to yourself which makes implementation of new behaviors easier
  • Guidance on how to commit to an optimal health state in order to make better health choices
  • Private email access to Caitlin to report in, stay accountable, and connected
  • Super fun goodies to help you on your journey through the program
Yes! I’m ready to take the next step so I can empower myself to say goodbye to diets and hello to loving my body.

Have questions? No problem!

You should probably talk with Caitlin. Your best bet is to book a Complimentary Discovery Call.

I have questions!

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