Why Can't I Be Like Everyone Else?

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Why Can’t I Be Like Everyone Else?


I remember thinking when I was young, struggling with my weight “Why can’t I just be like everyone else?”

All my friends were thin, yet they drank soda and ate junk food, they wore cute clothes and tiny, trendy bathing suits.

Not me. I ate health food (though I’m thankful for that now, mom; LOL :)) I didn’t fit into the cute clothes. My acid wash jeans had pleats. My shirts were blousy. My bathing suits would have looked good on my grandma.

Little did I know then that years later, I would finally figure out what my body needed to allow it to naturally lose the weight without dieting, without counting anything and without half-killing myself in the gym.

Little did I know then that years later, I’d be counseling women over 40 who were experiencing weight loss resistance.

Little did I know then that I would no longer struggle with my weight after I had kids, even as I entered mid-life.

As a registered dietitian, I could have gone into any type of nutrition counseling.

Hospital dietitian, dialysis clinic dietitian, pediatric dietitian, food blogger dietitian, oncology dietitian, long-term care dietitian, eating disorder dietitian, corporate wellness dietitian…

But I chose weight loss dietitian because it’s an experience I know all too well.

Being overweight hits close to home for me.

When I decided to become a weight loss dietitian, I was met with wide-eyes and a “Good luck with that!” by my fellow RDs.

“I’ll have lots of referrals for you. Those are my toughest clients,” they said.

Here’s my history of “being different” showing up again.

But it’s my calling, being a weight loss dietitian. I know what it’s like to struggle with your weight, even when you’re doing everything right.

So with fierce resolve, I wrote my company’s mission as follows:

“Caitlin Russell Nutrition relentlessly pursues sustainable weight loss that works for busy women after 40. With every client, we show up 100% and guide them so it can be the last time they ever want to lose weight. We will overturn every stone to determine what is needed to help their body naturally lose the weight for good.”

I know weight loss is not easy. If it were, the weight loss industry would not be worth $72 billion and have a 98% failure rate for dieting.

If losing weight only required a meal plan and a gym membership, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic on our hands.

What you’re being taught to lose weight doesn’t work. What I learned to lose weight as a dietitian is not what I teach my clients.

Just eating less and moving more does not work. Eating whole grains, low fat foods, and drinking diet sodas does not work.

The body is more complex than that.

Most weight loss programs don’t take that into consideration. There’s much more below the surface that not many weight loss coaches look into like hormones, gut health, and emotional eating.

What works for weight loss is what I have personally uncovered and tested on myself and my clients for years.

What I teach for weight loss works.

You have to show up and do the work, but I will show you what works. No B.S.

For successful weight loss, you have to manage your thinking and emotions. You have to create realistic goals and you have to define a big enough “why” so you keep showing up for yourself. And finally, yes, you do have to adjust your eating somewhat to get the results you want.

But you don’t have to give up carbs or chocolate.

So, yes, I’m a weight loss dietitian and I’m so thankful I chose this path.

I get to help other women see past the fads and find what truly works for them.

Once they lose the weight, they feel freedom. They no longer spend energy hating what they look like and avoid going out. They’re showing up and they’re living their life. They’re experiencing what the world has to offer and they’re leaving their mark on the world.

I am so proud to be a weight loss dietitian.

I am so proud of my weight loss clients for saying yes to themselves.

What about you?

Did you ever feel different from others?

Let me know I’m not alone.

With love and inspired action,


By the way, if you’d like to chat and see if we’d be a good fit to work together, just pick a time here. No fads. No hard sales pitch. Just uncovering what is holding you back and how you can move forward.

Photo by Rupert Britton on Unsplash

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