My Guiding Principles

You are your own health expert. Tap in to what your body is telling you.

Relaxing in to life will take you farther than stressing about it. Fear and anxiety halt metabolism and exacerbate unwanted symptoms.

Take responsibility for your life. Own your journey. What happened to you in the past happened. You can’t change it. You can only move forward. You can’t rewrite your beginning but you can rewrite the ending.

Disease, excess weight, and unwanted habits make us humble as humans and ask us to look deeper. That which gets your attention gets you to grow.

Where in your life is your body asking you to grow?

There is no room for negative self-talk. Let it go.

Our relationship with food is an ongoing journey. From the time we are infants until well into adulthood, we are constantly learning about our relationship with food. It is an intimate one. Don’t you want to have healthy connection with one of the most profound relationships you’ll ever have?

One size does not fit all. There is no perfect diet or perfect way to eat. Stop searching out there and start listening to your body.

We are not inherently broken and we’re born whole in the image of God. Period. No matter what someone said to you before. Even though they said what they said — this does not make it true. You are a beautiful human being inside and out.

We are here on planet earth to improve ourselves, heal, and evolve as humans. Are you fulfilling your end of the bargain with a never-ending search for how to improve as a human? You have gifts to share with the world and it’s time you did that.

Our health challenges are our teachers. Your indigestion is your body’s way of saying slow down. You’re eating too fast. You are not deficient in acid blockers. You are deficient in giving yourself enough time to eat a meal so your body can properly digest your food.

The goal is to love your body right now, not once you have the body you want. Your life is happening right now. Stop waiting. You can be happy right now. It’s a choice. If you choose not the be happy right now but rather deprive yourself of food, you may attain your goal of weight loss over time, and think you’ll be happy when you get there. But guess what? If you don’t allow yourself to be happy in the “messy” times, your happiness at your goal weight is fleeting. Learn to be happy at your core. Nothing can ever take that away from you once you have it.

Life is messy and uncertain. Celebrate it. Let go of soul-crushing perfectionism.

Open your heart, wake up to who you really are, transform your life and your relationships.

Give your gifts to the world. How will you use your vitality to give back?

Liberate yourself from judgment – your own and the judgment of others.

Agree to be here.

Be authentic.