How to Lose Weight: Understand This First

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How to Lose Weight: Understand This First


If you come to me as a client and tell me you want to lose weight, there are many variables we need to talk about. However, you must understand one overarching principal when it comes to weight loss.

If you want to lose weight, you have to get a handle on your insulin level.

“Huh? What does insulin have to do with weight loss?”

Stick with me because this is really important.

Quickly, I will give a brief overview of insulin and what it does in your body.

You need to understand this if you want to lose weight!


Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas. Insulin is released from your pancreas when you eat. Insulin’s job is to help glucose (sugar from the carbohydrates in your food) get in to your cells where it is used for energy. This is a very important job! If you have issues with getting enough glucose in to your cells, you feel run down and your body does not function well.

When you have healthy insulin production (by eating foods like vegetables, healthy fat and moderate protein), you have healthy cells and things are well.

When you have too much insulin coming out of your pancreas (from eating too much sugar, candy, bread, pies, cakes, muffins, crackers, chips, pretzels, cereal, pasta, artificial sweeteners*, etc.), your cells start to become insulin resistant. Sugar, artificial sweeteners, and refined carbohydrates trigger massive amounts of insulin to be produced. Your body makes insulin so it can clear out all that glucose from your bloodstream.

Overtime, your cells will stop listening to the constant insulin “knocking on the cell door” and your cells become insulin resistant. The cells are saying “We have enough energy! Don’t need anymore!” So they don’t open up to let that excess glucose in.

Your body knows all this glucose in your bloodstream is not a good thing, so your pancreas releases MORE insulin to compensate. This makes your cells MORE insulin resistant. Your cells have had enough!

It’s a vicious cycle – eating too much sugar and cheap carbohydrates cause too much insulin which causes insulin resistance which causes not enough energy from your cells which causes you to crave more sugar so you get more immediate energy – and the cycle continues.

If you have excess weight to lose, you have an issue with high insulin.

Your excess weight is a hormone issue, not a willpower issue.

Once you understand this, your weight loss efforts will be much easier and you’ll see results that are sustainable over the long term.

Weight Loss Lies

We have been told many untruths in order to lose weight. Things like:

  • Eat small, frequent meals
  • Eat lots of whole grains
  • Count calories, but don’t worry where those calories come from

This is all insanity because these untruths do nothing but keep your insulin levels high!

When you have high insulin levels, you will not lose weight.

It is impossible to lose weight when your insulin is high. Period.

These things cannot coexist – high insulin and weight loss.

Have you ever been told this by your healthcare provider? Probably not.

I want you to know that your weight issue is not your fault. You have been given the wrong information and have not been properly educated on how to correctly achieve your weight loss goals. You’ve tried every trick in the book but you’re still not at your goal weight.

Why? Because you’ve been made to feel it’s all your fault. You’re told to eat fewer calories, so you cut down to 1200 calories, which lowers your metabolism even more. You’re told to exercise more, so you half kill yourself at “cardio insanity” which raises your cortisol, making weight loss impossible.

You’ve never been told how important it is to understand your hormone insulin.

Sure you can lose weight by restricting calories and working out 24/7. But how long can you sustain that? How long before you start regaining the weight you lost, not eating any more than you had been? 98% of dieters gain the weight back after they lose it.

Why? Because no one has told them excess weight is due to a hormone issue and that hormone is elevated INSULIN.

In my next post, I share with you what triggers insulin so you know what specifically to take out in order to create an environment for healthy weight loss.

Are you ready?



-Caitlin Russell MS RDN CLT

P.S. *Yes, even artificial sweeteners, which aren’t made of sugar and don’t raise your blood glucose, still make your body produce insulin. This is why diet sodas DO NOT help with weight loss! Is your mind blown?! Keep reading my next post to know what to do instead.


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