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Here’s what some of my clients are saying…

“Before working with Caitlin, my initial symptom score was 70. I had digestive issues, food cravings, and suffered from low energy. After working with Caitlin over the course of a couple months and following my customized MRT/LEAP food sensitivity protocol, I’m doing much better. My overall symptom score reduced to 28 and I’m doing really well. I’m so happy that I reached out to Caitlin because I have been feeling much better. I can now walk into the grocery store and quickly walk past the bakery section without feeling deprived. I just want to thank Caitlin for all her help! She was able to pinpoint some nutrient deficiencies and helped me correct those. I just took a 2 week cruise and was worried about how I would feel and what I would eat. Caitlin helped ease my fears and answered questions on how to navigate the cruise ship food. The most amazing thing was that I didn’t gain a pound during the two weeks! I am very proud of myself for making good food choices. There were A LOT of bad choices available! But, I didn’t feel cheated by not eating them. One more thing… I’m not sure if it is the weight loss, the cleaner eating, the new supplements, or a combination, but my heart function is the best it has been in 6 years. My workouts have been the same for the last three years. The only change I made was my eating and adding in my personalized supplements. My doctor is very happy! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you Caitlin!!!”
~ Sharon S., Plymouth, MI


“Working with Caitlin, both my husband and I benefited. For me, I’m off pre-diabetes medication and my high blood pressure medication. I’ve lost weight and so has my husband. His HbA1C went from 7.9 to 6.0 following Caitlin’s guidance. My husband’s doctor said to keep doing whatever it was he was doing because it was working. My husband hugs me every day and says thank you for choosing to work with Caitlin!”
~ Martina H., Charleston, WV


“Honestly, I wish I had done the food sensitivity MRT test and LEAP protocol years ago so I would know what foods are causing harm to my body. Having Caitlin’s support has made all of the difference and working with her is worth EVERY penny. She’s well-trained in the clinical aspects of food sensitivities but also counseling and coaching, too which helped tremendously when I wanted to revert to bad habits, and needed help when I felt overcommitted with all my volunteer work. She helped me refocus my health priorities when I was having a rough time in the beginning. I couldn’t have done this on my own.

With my autoimmune disease, my initial symptom score was 64, and that went down to 25 after 10 days following my LEAP protocol. Now 1 month out, my follow-up symptom score is 10. All from eating the right foods for my body! My results have turned my eating all around but for the good. Knowing that I am not ADDING to the inflammation in my body by eating foods that are bad for me is a great feeling. And conversely, learning to eat foods that my body can handle (and not using energy to fight the inflammatory foods) has given me so much more energy, reduced my sugar cravings and helped me lose 7 pounds. I didn’t believe MRT/LEAP would do nearly that it has. I still have a long way to go but really, there is no food that I want to consume that will UNDO all of the hard work of healing I have done recently. Working with Caitlin has been great! Her 30 minute consultation before I did the MRT test helped determine my specific needs and helped me overcome any fears and questions about testing. I can’t say enough about MRT/LEAP and working with Caitlin!”
~ Anne, North Carolina


“Before Caitlin’s cleanse, I felt tired, irritable and overwhelmed nearly every day. I wasn’t sleeping well and was having trouble focusing to stay on a task. During and after the cleanse, I felt my mental clarity and energy soar. My overall mood improved and my productivity increased. I felt like my skin was glowing rather than haggard when I looked in the mirror in the morning. I lost over 5 pounds that haven’t budged in the last year and felt like I have regained control over how I am fueling my body. I’m proud of myself for sticking to something that seemed challenging and for setting a good example for my family. I loved a lot of the recipes provided in the guidebook. I also found that the daily emails and Facebook posts were very helpful. The photos of the foods to look for in the beginning and the extra effort Caitlin put forth to help us succeed was fantastic. I’ll definitely be recommending Caitlin’s programs to others. Thank you!”
~ Mary R., Atlanta, GA


“I was extremely tired all the time before starting Caitlin’s 21 day cleanse and I was ready for a change. After the 21 days, I am enjoying a much clearer mind and have lost inches. I’ll be recommending Caitlin’s program to others because of how it helped me focus on good, healthy eating. I realize now that in order to take good care of myself, it takes time and effort. This program helped me develop new habits!”
~ Laura, Atlanta, GA


“Before working with Caitlin, I was eating too much of the foods that I knew were not good for me. Sugar was my best friend! After just 21 days, I’ve lost 6 lbs. and I did it eating real food and without being hungry. My biggest realization was that I have a dairy intolerance which I would not have guessed had I not done Caitlin’s program. Her recipes, especially the soups and veggie dishes, were outstanding. Caitlin truly believes in her products as she should and her presentations are impressive and very professionally done. I appreciate her desire to help her clients find the right path on their way to better health. Thank you for your encouraging guidance, Caitlin!”
~ Happy client


“Before starting Caitlin’s 21 day cleanse, I felt bloated and heavy. After finishing the 21 days, I had a 10 lb. weight loss, my clothes fit better, I felt more positive about myself, I was sleeping better and I was less bloated! Caitlin’s program helped me realize I had more willpower than I thought. I’ll definitely be recommending Caitlin to others. Thank you!”
~ Lauren, Atlanta, GA 


“Before starting Caitlin’s “30 Day Challenge,” I felt tired and overweight. My thinking was foggy, my joints ached, and my eyes bothered me because they were so itchy. I was always distracted and was not sleeping well. But after the 30 days, I’ve lost about 8 lbs., my sleep is much better, I have more energy and a fresher feeling when I wake up in the morning. My days seem more productive and my skin has gotten clearer. I actually feel less stressed and am more willing to spend time to rest. I really enjoyed all the support over the 30 days – the daily emails from Caitlin, the private Facebook group, our weekly phone calls, Caitlin’s availability and willingness to answer specific questions. I loved everyone’s willingness to share pictures of dinner ideas and snacks on the Facebook group page. It was so helpful to not feel alone in the process AND to have new ideas. I would highly recommend working with Caitlin to others. Her ability to break down important health elements into doable steps was very helpful. I loved the weekly focus during the challenge. Each week was different. The first week, we focused on the best foods to eat. Then we focused on planning for and preparing for good food. Next, it was incorporating exercise into our routines. I also loved Caitlin’s encouragement to try new exercise simply as an improvement to our health and FEELING better, not just as a means to an end (get thinner). I loved the education that came along the way. Caitlin taught us about reading labels, where to shop, gave us helpful websites, and lots of new things to try. Thank you Caitlin!”
~ Julia C., Johns Creek, GA


“I had low energy and excess weight to lose before starting Caitlin’s “30 Day Challenge.” After completing the 30 days, I lost about 9 lbs., my clothes are beginning to sag, and my energy has gotten much better. I feel good about the progress I made. The recipes Caitlin gave us were helpful and delicious. Her daily email encouragement sent to all participants was well done, too. This challenge was professionally presented and was very encouraging in its approach. Any troubled thoughts I had were handled before they arose. Caitlin has created, from experience and education, a path that can be life-changing. There are so many programs out there. This one is at the top of the list.
~ Bill E., Signal Mtn, TN


“I came into Caitlin’s “30 Day Challenge” feeling pretty good since I had completed her “21 Day Cleanse” a few months prior. On this challenge, I lost some more pounds and I have become more aware of what to eat and not eat. I am willing to think twice about what I put in my mouth. I appreciated Caitlin’s encourgement every day. She helped me not feel guilty when I chose to eat something sugary that I couldn’t resist. It’s a learning process and I’m ok with that. It’s extremely likely that I’ll work with Caitlin again in the future. I like the idea that I can eat real food and still lose weight. I am going to walk more as the weather improves since I am out of pain after having joints replaced. With the exercise and eating healthier, I am hoping to lose even more weight and come off some of my diabetic and high blood pressure medications. Caitlin, thank you for all your caring and compassion for the health of others.”
~ Millie H., Conyers, GA


“Having done Caitlin’s “21 Day Cleanse” last year, I came into the “30 Day Challenge” feeling great. Over the holidays, I took a brief break from what I’d learned during the cleanse. However I only gained back 1 lb – not bad! Before starting the “30 Day Challenge,” I was feeling a little sluggish and bloated but overall, I felt pretty good. This time around, after 30 days, I’ve lost about 8 more lbs. and I’m feeling even leaner. My energy continues to get better and my skin continues to improve. I’ve actually got to shop for some new pants! 🙂 Seriously – the pants are falling down! I LOVED the support during the 30 days and the ideas from others on the private Facebook group. Posting pictures on Facebook and seeing those of others was great motivation. I LOVE the accountability and I LOVED the ready-made, healthy options that Caitlin told us about that are available at Costco. Towards the end of the challenge, my schedule went upside down with work commitments. I had no time to cook from scratch but I was still able to stay with the challenge guidelines successfully based on Caitlin’s recommendations for quick meals. Revamping my snacks was HUGE! Oh – and the “no skipping meals” part is also a great new habit! I plan to do another challenge with Caitlin in the future and others are wanting to join with me. I highly recommend working with Caitlin if you need accountability and support.”
~ Talley H., Atlanta, GA


“Prior to the “30 Day Challenge,” I had been sick for about a month from an infection so I wanted a “health reset.” After completing the 30 days, I am able to pay more attention to what I eat. I had lost weight prior to the challenge because I had been sick, and I was able to keep that weight off. I really enjoyed that the challenge gave us structured guidelines. I was not tempted to have the foods that can be inflammatory for me, like sugar and dairy. I loved the recipes and the community engagement on our private Facebook group. And the prizes were fun! Very motivating! I would highly recommend working with Caitlin to anyone seeking the right system to turn healthy behaviors into ones that last.”
~ Amy R., Charleston, SC


“Before joining Caitlin’s “30 Day Challenge,” I felt fatigued and very bloated. I had a lot of inflammation issues, which is why I wanted to take part in the program. After completing the 30 days, I decided to continue with the challenge guidelines for the most part. All of my ankle and hand swelling is gone! I wake up more easily, fall asleep quickly, and my energy is better. I have lost about 16 pounds and I am almost never hungry. I loved the private Facebook group page as an exchange of ideas, questions, recipes, and suggestions. I would definitely recommend working with Caitlin to anyone looking for accountability and a well-thought out plan of action.”
~ Charlotte Ann, Atlanta, GA

UPDATE: “I’m happy to report that since my cleanse ended in February, I have continued with a lot of the guidelines and not only maintained the weight I dropped, but continued losing and am down about 20 pounds all together.”


“Since completing Caitlin’s “30 Day Challenge,” I’m enjoying an 8 lb. weight loss and improved sleep. I’m feeling very optimistic about further weight loss and being able to continue that on my own now that the 30 days are over. I’m also enjoying roomier clothes! Prior to the challenge, I felt pretty good overall but was mostly worried about obesity-related health issues. The recipes we received were great – my favorite is the blueberry smoothie. I highly recommend working with Caitlin and look forward to recommending Caitlin’s next program to my friends at church. Thanks!”
~ Steve S., Hixson, TN


“My clothes are fitting much better after participating in Caitlin’s “30 Day Challenge.” Before the 30 days, I felt bloated and sluggish. But now, I’ve lost a total of 9 lbs. and am feeling better about how I look. I loved the recipes that came with the challenge. Thank you Caitlin!”
~ Happy client, Atlanta, GA 

UPDATE: “Your program from the Spring truly reprogrammed me! I am still eating much cleaner! No more junk food, don’t crave sugar… Thank you for this amazing transformation in my life!”


“Prior to working with Caitlin on her “30 Day Challenge,” I felt okay but had some joint pain due to excess weight and prior sports injuries. After completing the 30 days, I lost about 2 1/2 inches and also lost some weight. I liked that the challenge got me off of artificial sweeteners and helped me rethink my carb intake. I was introduced to a few new foods that I didn’t think I’d like but it turns out I do! I highly recommend working with Caitlin. Her private Facebook group was wonderful – it was great hearing about other people’s successes, struggles, and suggestions.”
~ Happy participant, Atlanta, GA


“Coming into Caitlin’s “30 Day Challenge,” I was already feeling great. I didn’t have issues with pain, allergies, sleep, or stress. I am generally very healthy and grateful for it. The reason I did this challenge was to gain more education about nutrient-rich foods and how to calculate the correct amount of protein I should be eating daily. I loved learning more from Caitlin about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, inclusive of both diet and exercise. I definitely recommend working with Caitlin. It was a great experience!”
~ Jane D., Lookout Mtn, TN


“I lost 10 pounds on Caitlin’s “21 Day Cleanse” program, my clothes fit better, and I feel GREAT! Before starting Caitlin’s program, I felt so bloated and tired all the time. Now, I have much more positive thoughts about my appearance and I plan to continue this healthier way of eating now that the program is over. I became a lot more creative in the kitchen and really enjoyed the recipes she recommended. Thank you so much for the effort of creating and organizing such a well thought-out program. I highly recommend working with Caitlin!”
~ Millie H., Conyers, GA


“Before working with Caitlin and her “21 Day Cleanse” program, I felt tired and had some joint soreness. I was just sluggish all the time. Once I started the program, though, I started sleeping better, I felt more clearheaded, and just felt much better. I also lost about 8 pounds! Caitlin’s “21 Day Cleanse” was actually very manageable. I thought it was going to be a much larger time commitment than it actually was. One of the best things was seeing pictures that Caitlin shared with us of what we needed to buy at the grocery store. The food and suggested recipes were good and kept me satisfied. I was able to learn about new foods that I had not tried before. Since the program has ended, I have tried to add lots of greens in the refrigerator to make more green smoothies. Overall, it was a great experience and an easy plan to follow. No doubt, I’d recommend working with Caitlin to others!”
~ Claire G., Atlanta, GA


“I made permanent lifestyle changes that have me feeling lighter and have given me much more energy. Prior to Caitlin’s “21 Day Cleanse” program, I was tired all the time and wanted to lose some weight. Following the program suggestions for meals and snacks kept me satisfied and I was not hungry at all. The plan was very easy to follow. I am eating more new vegetables now than I have in a long time and I’m loving the fact that I was able to kick an unhealthy habit to the curb! This program worked well for me. Thanks Caitlin!”
~ Talley H., Atlanta, GA


“Working with Caitlin through her “21 Day Cleanse” online program, I was able to identify and remove foods I am sensitive to and this helped increase my energy and relieve chronic pain. Before beginning Caitlin’s program, I suffered from sugar cravings and had really low energy. Once the program was over, I felt so good about the changes I had made to my diet and self-care routines. My energy level was better, my mood was more consistent, and I didn’t have as many sugar cravings. I also lost some weight!

What I really enjoyed about Caitlin’s program was her holistic approach; this isn’t about dieting. I appreciate that Caitlin took the time to work with me on individual issues I was having due to some diet restrictions I have to follow. She was very flexible and accommodated my need for substitutions if there was something recommended that I couldn’t have. I also really liked the recipes that she offered in her program – they tasted great and I have incorporated many of them into my weekly menu.

Her “21 Day Cleanse” program is great for those who know they need a change to take better care of themselves, but just don’t know quite where to begin. All of Caitlin’s program materials are easy to understand, and she provides wonderful support and encouragement along the way. I highly recommend working with Caitlin!”
~ Lori M., Anaheim, CA


“Caitlin, thank you for leading a wonderful Girl Scout meeting today! The girls really enjoyed learning about nutrition from you and then getting to make a tasty new meal that is both healthy and delicious! Thank you for all the hard work you put into the presentation and delivery.
~ Stasia S., Troopleader, Atlanta, GA


“Caitlin really helped me dig down deep to get to my core beliefs about my life. Her coaching sessions helped me re-frame the way I was thinking about issues that I felt were holding me back, but I now realize it was a belief about those barriers that caused my struggle. From one coaching session with Caitlin, I was able to take the next steps in my health to increase my momentum, which is just what I needed. Before my session with her, I felt overwhelmed and lost on how to proceed with momentum, but afterward I felt focused and relieved that I had a clear intention. I appreciated her compassion, care and really felt like she was listening to my needs, which is rare nowadays. I would highly recommend her as a health and wellness coach. Caitlin has a gift to share with the world. Thank you so much!”
~ Ronee E., Detroit, MI


“After working with Caitlin during my last session, I felt a huge weight had been lifted as I was finally ready to move forward on something that I had been avoiding but wanting to do. Caitlin was able to use metaphors that got me out of my comfort zone so that I could move forward with what was a great challenge.  I could see this clearly in the metaphor and it helped me to translate it into what I needed to implement for change. I plan to keep working with Caitlin as I see benefits in continuing to work on my goals by uncovering deeper beliefs that are getting in my way. I would absolutely recommend Caitlin as a health and wellness coach for others.  They would be privileged to be able to work with her. Caitlin’s empathy, understanding, and ability to take me beyond my comfort zone was what I liked most about working with her. I think Caitlin is a natural as a health and wellness coach, both because of her background as a dietitian and her extreme sensitivity to her client’s needs.  Coupled with her deep coaching skills, I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to change.”
~ Dhyan S., New Delhi, India


Caitlin is a true find amongst the many coaches available these days. I had the pleasure of being a recipient of her unique skill set applied to a few areas where I have felt overwhelmingly stuck for some time. Not realizing just where my own application of self help was awry, Caitlin quickly assisted me in uncovering some blocks that I had on specific areas I wanted to improve, by helping me see them in a different, positive light. These blocks revolved around business and private life, and she helped me to see how the two were working against each other, make some plans, and set up the ability to follow through, in a very comfortable environment.”

“What a relief! I had been dealing with these issues for years, they were causing me frustration, and with a small time investment, I was ready to roll and felt very capable again! My emotional bingeing was affected as well….what an unexpected plus! Caitlin has a very strong ability to create and hold discovery space which is very enabling, and peaceful. I was a bit nervous to be “coached”, but she quickly made me feel at ease and able to express things on a level I have been unable to reach on my own or in talking with trusted counsel or family members.”

“By the time our session was over, I was wishing I had skills like she does, they were so empowering and freeing! Thank you so much, Caitlin, for your kind, wise help! I have no hesitation in sending my dearest associates to you or recommending you to others as I am a complete fan!”
~ Dori O., Bellingham, WA



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