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Cereal Bars (LEAP-Friendly)

(Cereal bars (LEAP friendly)

My MRT/LEAP food sensitivity clients love this recipe because it only uses 3 ingredients. Eating fewer foods helps in the beginning of overcoming food sensitivities because you’re trying to figure out which foods are causing chronic symptoms. But EVERYONE I tell about this recipe

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8 Simple Tips for Better Portion Control

Gummy bears: 8 Tips for Better Portion Control

Good news! Portion control doesn’t have to mean deprivation. Here are 8 simple tips for better portion control to get you started. Focus on eating whole foods including protein, healthy fats and vegetables, until you are satiated (that feeling where

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3 Biggest Predictors of Weight Loss Success: Part 2

Comfort food

Part 1 Part 2 Welcome to part 2 of the “3 Biggest Predictors of Weight Loss Success.” The second predictor of a successful client is that they understand: They need to do different things in order to get different results

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Perfect Hardboiled Eggs Everytime

Jump Start Your Weight Loss the Right Way – Part 2

Can you boil water? Great! Then you can make hardboiled eggs, too.   🙂 I feel a little silly posting this as a recipe when there is only one ingredient besides the water. However, mastering hardboiled eggs is important so I have to

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