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Lasting Weight Loss is Achievable Through Sustainable Lifestyle Change 

Who Wants to End the Diet Rollercoaster For Good and Live a Delicious Life at Their Goal Weight?



Are you sick of walking into your closet and nothing fits you? Have you had one too many days that ended with you stressed out and unable to control your eating habits?

Well, I have great news for you and it does not involve another fad diet. My name is Caitlin Russell and I’m a dietitian and wellness coach. I show my clients how to embrace their life, their relationship with food, and their body.


At Russell Nutrition, We Tell You the Truth About How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off Without Going on a Diet.  


How are we different from other weight management programs? We offer personalized weight management strategies tailored for each individual client using behavior therapy, the latest science, and positive psychology.


At Russell Nutrition, we show you how to:

  • Feel vibrant and energized
  • Make weight loss permanent using our personalized strategies
  • Focus on a new mindset where you change from mindless eating to mindful nourishment
  • Prevent weight related diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol

We teach you how to focus your mind and manage your emotions, making permanent lifestyle changes based on sound behavior therapy and the latest research in weight loss science.

This Program is Right For You if You’re Seriously…  

  • Fed up with feeling guilty about what you eat instead of enjoying food
  • Sick of not fitting into your clothes and don’t want to buy a larger size
  • Exasperated with the effects of your weight on your health, your career, and your relationships
  • Fed up with your “front row seat” on the weight loss rollercoaster ride



At Russell Nutrition, our commitment to our clients is…      


No More Dieting  Happy 


We show you how to make healthy living easy, sustainable, and fun! You will discover how to no longer use eating as an answer to all your life’s problems. You will learn new behaviors that stick with you so that you have the power to finally reach your weight loss goals.


The 3 Biggest Problems Most People Have With Losing Weight & Gaining Energy  


1Too much stress and not enough energy to fuel your life      

At Russell Nutrition, we teach you strategies to beat stress, gain energy, and embrace your life.

We help you manage your emotions through more positive coping skills. You become more focused as you cultivate a new mindset around food and your health.


2Unable to make lifestyle changes for lasting success  

In our program, we use proven techniques to change old habits into new positive ones that impact your life and health in ways you never thought possible.

Using our program, you can have lasting success for permanent weight loss. Be ready to take action for real results that work for real people just like you and me! (and it doesn’t involve hours in the gym!)


3Unsure about how to effectively and permanently lose weight      

We will develop a personalized nutrition program designed specifically for you that clears the confusion about weight loss. We take your life, your career, and your relationships into account to make lasting changes when it comes to your health.



Here’s How We Can Help You. 

Introducing the…  


russell _nutrition_90_day


This 3 month program is specifically designed to help you get the 3 things you’re wanting most in your life:

  • Permanent Weight Loss  

  • Increased Energy  
  • Freedom from Dieting  

Change your mindset to lose weight for good using our practical action guides.    
At each session, you will leave with a clear vision of what you need to do next in your life to start making lasting changes and end your weight loss struggles.





 Inside Our 90 Day Intensive, You Will Discover:


  • The key strategies you can implement immediately to stop the weight loss resistance
  • How to pinpoint your lifestyle patterns that have been preventing you from losing weight
  • A personalized weight management program that best meets your needs and fits into your current life
  • Your unique nutritional requirements so you can start choosing foods that move you towards your ideal weight and away from decreased energy and poor health
  • The secrets to decondition your triggers and beliefs surrounding food and your old eating habits. (and it does not involve massive amounts of willpower!)  


Have You Ever Been Totally Committed to Losing Weight For Good, But Then Lose Your Motivation Instead?


Listen, we are all human. We have willpower but that will only take you so far. In fact, my weight loss clients have more willpower than most other people I know! So what gives? You have to get to the core of your beliefs about food, your body, and your coping mechanisms. You have to unleash your “inner mojo” to breakthrough, to reach and to maintain your weight loss goals.




That’s Where the “90 Day Weight Loss Resistance Intensive” Comes In

We call it getting maximum results by being fully engaged in the process of achieving your weight loss goals. Anyone can tell you to “cut calories,” or to “work out more,” but this does not actually help you remember your motivating factors for losing weight in the first place!

We get to the heart of why you want to lose weight and you clear the clutter from your life so you can move forward and make some big changes to actually do it.

We find what’s in your control, right now, to clear away any past obstacles to losing weight and achieving your biggest, boldest health goals.




Here’s How the Intensive Unfolds


phone12 in-person calls that walk you through your nutrition type test results and the best ways to implement personalized behavior change based on your current coping habits.      


Here’s a sneak peak of the steps we walk you through in the 90 day intensive:  

  1. Remove the top barriers to weight loss including “I don’t have time,” “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t have any willpower,” and “I don’t like to exercise.”
  2. How to clear away the clutter in your life so that you can move forward on your journey to improved health and increased energy.
  3. Determine your biggest motivating factors → why do you want to lose weight? We come up with ways to remember them so you stay motivated.
  4. How to determine which foods are best for your unique body which directly impact your ability to accomplish your health goals.
  5. Master honoring hunger and fullness by practicing new habits that help you listen to your internal signals so you can achieve “nourished and energized” and not “stuffed and sleepy.”
  6. How to understand and deal productively with self-sabotage by putting conditions into place that help you make positive choices rather than destructive ones.
  7. How to honor and nourish your “rebellious inner child” (we all have one!) by fullfilling your cravings for pleasure, relaxation, and sweetness.


And that’s only part of what we will cover in the 90 Day Intensive.




yogaHow to commit to an optimal healing state so you make better decisions

You are no longer confused about how to make your health goals a reality.

You are honest with yourself about what you really want and are able to have bountiful gratitude for what you already have.


Woman with Coffee


That’s Not All…We’re Also Including Extra Bonuses  


bonus_1Private email access to report in, stay accountable & connected

Have a question in between sessions? You’ll have access to Caitlin through email at Russell Nutrition to answer your health concerns and challenges.



bonus_2Super-fun, special goodies picked just for you to help you on your journey

We all love getting surprises, right? Well, we love sharing goodies that we think you will love!



bonus_3How to acknowledge and celebrate your new baseline when you are closer to your weight loss goal  

You work on many aspects of your life in this program. It’s important to recognize what obstacles you overcome and how you feel and act differently now.





Who This Program Is For


This program is PERFECT for you if:

  • You want to reduce cravings, lose weight, and gain more energy
  • You want to be empowered to make the right food choices in ways that fit into your lifestyle, including your family
  • You want to make sense of all the information on diet while learning manageable, easy-to-do steps that you can embrace



What Makes This Program Unique  

What makes this program unique is that we offer individualized support for your specific problems.  

You will learn ways to feel great, gain energy, and finally lose that weight for good.

We teach you what really works to create lasting change and how to handle daily stressors in positive ways rather than in ways that keep you from your health goals. LOVE THAT!






I’d like to invite you to be a part of a movement. A movement that changes the way we think about food. You want to be part of something bigger and know the answer is out there for you. You just don’t know how to get there on your own.


Imagine eating healthier, craving foods designed specifically for your body, thinking more positive thoughts, being open to change, and treating yourself with more respect. Picture your kids, your family, and friends all embracing healthier choices.


We’re going to show you HOW to deal with emotional eating, create lasting change, de-stress, be inspired to live more fully and be empowered to make healthy choices.



Let’s Recap What’s Included in the “Weight Loss Resistance 90 Day Intensive”   


  • Personalized coaching and support to help you make the diet and lifestyle changes you want
  • Remove weight loss barriers so that you gain energy and confidence surrounding food and your health
  • Honor hunger and fullness so you are nourished and satisfied
  • Uncover your unique weight loss challenges and learn strategies to overcome them
  • Discover emotional eating triggers and learn new coping behaviors
  • Clear, doable action steps at each session including personalized tips and tricks to help you stay on track
  • Between visits, email access for questions relating to your current program
  • Help so you can step into your spotlight to truly reach and sustain your health goals


Imagine this:  

3 months have passed since you’ve started the 90 day intensive . . .

  • You know what to do to lose the weight you’ve been struggling with for too long
  • You’re using proven techniques to change mindless eating so you’re more conscious of what you’re doing when it comes to food
  • You know exactly how to focus your mind and manage your emotions to make weight loss permanent.


It won’t always be a cakewalk, but we know from personal experience that when you do things right for your health, success in the rest of your life follows. And when it does come, it is like a tidal wave which will make you wonder where it was hiding all this time.




Caitlin Russell email sig



 “What makes your program unique?”      

Our program features exercises and action steps that you won’t find anywhere else. You may feel overwhelmed at making the decision right now to change your life and your health. Know that we give you the knowledge you need to help you build a solid foundation and the confidence to move towards and achieve your weight loss goals.


We’ve helped many using our methods. If you’re not getting the results you want elsewhere, it’s time to learn from someone who does.


Caitlin personally continues to invest in learning advanced techniques for busting through barriers to weight loss. In the last several months alone, she’s invested over $10,000 so she can be a better teacher to you.


She knows that in order to be great and achieve lasting results, she has to study with those who teach how to get the results you want to have. You get the benefit of all the advanced training Caitlin has already received and continues to study.


Regardless of whether you choose to invest with us or not, here’s something we really do believe: creating health and losing weight are both an inner and an outer game. You’ve got to have the confidence to take action and make lifestyle changes to create lasting success.




This program focuses your mind and cultivates a growth mindset.

So if you’re ready for:

  • more energy
  • learning how to end your weight struggles
  • more freedom to do what you love


If you’re feeling called to make a real impact on your life and in your health, it’s time to enroll in the program.





“Yes, Caitlin! I’m ready to take the next step so I can empower myself to say goodbye to excess weight and hello to loving my body.”

When booking your appointments using my online scheduler below, choose the “90 Day Intensive Session” option so that we have the full 60 minutes for each session. It is recommended that you choose the same time and day each week.

Let me know if you have any questions about this life-changing program by using my contact page button at the top of this page. Thank you!

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